They say politics is a dirty game. But how dirty can it get in Kenya? I might not know but maybe there’s something in relation to that, that I’d probably have in mind.

Just like love, there are trust issues most of the times. Same case applies with politics. At one point, two high ranking fellows can or could be in good and similar terms. On the other hand, this could change a lot.
In Kenya for example, the leading party
(JAP) has the President, Uhuru Kenyatta, on the front end. The opposition party (CORD) has Kenya’s second Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, leading them. Did you know that the latter’s father refused to form Kenya’s government before indepedence because his fellow’s father was still imprisoned? I heard that history usually repeats itself but we are in the 21st century. Nothing like that would happen. Trust me. With the current hunger for political power, forget it.
But as a Kenyan, what have you done to curb this menace of political hunger? You have recently taken your voter’s card or you have had it for years now. How about you use it wisely when it will be required. Voting is so private that only you and your God know who you have really voted.
It is not something new that when elections near, cash will be ‘rained’ on you and empty promises given to you. What you’ll do next will be your own personal decision. Don’t make your country step back. We should be moving forward. Say no to fake leaders. All they know is be “wolves in sheep’s wool”.
Kura yako ni siri yako.


Choose wisely. Voting is not the same as placing a bet. It will influence your future in one way or the other.

Kenya is a great country and we should be moving forward, to a greater and prosperous direction. In case you are among those people causing Kenya to lag behind, then maybe you are not a Kenyan citizen by either birth or registration or dual citizenship (the only recognized citizenship forms in Kenya). Don’t mess with the laws of the land thinking that they are going to affect others. We, Kenyan citizens are in this together. Do your part to make Kenya a better place, shall you?


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