I didn’t think there would come a time that I’d have to get bored with my fellow Kenyans. But it has been too much with this group of guys we call the Kenya Police.
During the recent CORD DEMOS, these men in blue execute their duties as though citizens are animals. I know we (human beings) are classified as mammals, but we require to be treated with respect. Even with the protests and demonstrations, who gives them the right to beat up Kenyans like that?
Watch this if you haven’t seen the inhuman treatment of Kenyan police officers.

(Afadhali kichapo cha punda)
Justice should be served! And should be served right! If justice was a “tit for tat” game, maybe Kenya would be a first world nation. These GSU guys in specific. Is it that their name is short for;
G – Got
S – Short
U – Understanding?
I have no idea but justice should be according to the laws of the land. The government should have this matter looked into. Otherwise, Kenyans will lose their lives due to police insanity and stupidity.





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