Kenya, unlike the United States of America has not had 44 presidents as at 2016. It is not applicable though to compare Kenya to USA because the latter attained independence in 1776 yet we Kenyans got our freedom, say independence in 1963. The only similar thing between the 2 mentioned countries is that both were colonised by Britain. It is however ironical how White people were colonised by their fellows. Not just ironical, but still humorous, laughable… say all sorts of words you know regarding that.
Anyway, what I mainly want to touch on briefly is just the lives of our own, Kenyan Presidents as at now, 2016.

1. JOMO KENYATTA (1964-1978)
He is well known to many, rather most of Kenyan citizens because he is regarded as the founding father of Kenya. The late Jomo was among the Kapenguria 6 arrested in 1952 during the struggle for independence.
During his era, he accomplished so much…just but to mention a few;
– Kenya attained Self-governance,  independence and became a republic.
– Made Kiswahili and English official languages.
– United Kenyans from all parts of the country (though it wasn’t fully).
– Introduced Harambee, a philosophy that was/is meant to get Kenyans ready to work.
– He was a Pan-African member; in charge of unifying Kenyans with fellow Africans as well as the whole world.

He led the country with the ruling party as KANU(Kenya African National Union).
Jomo Kenyatta however passed away in 1978. He was then succeeded by the then vice president, Daniel T. Arap Moi.

2. DANIEL ARAP MOI (1978-2002)
Moi took over presidency from his predecessor after he passed, as it is according to the constitution of Kenya, under KANU.
He is well known for his long era, being the longest serving president in the country. I don’t think there’ll be another president who’ll sit on the ‘throne’ for 24 years…or just more than 10 years.
Although he may seem as a dictator in Kenya, he accomplished so much. Among his major contributions;
– Moi introduced Nyayoism, a philosophy to continue leading in the footsteps of Kenyas 1st president. Based on peace, love and unity (if only Kenyans could realize this before it’s too late).
– During his time, the 8-4-4 system of education came to be (1985).
– Re-introduction of multi partyism (1992)
– ‘Maziwa ya Nyayo’ (Moi’s milk) was introduced in public schools.
…..and so on.

He was a no nonsense ruler, no wonder being termed as a dictator. Even after Kenya became a multi party state, he ruled for a decade. Hahaha…this guy though.
Moi is old, 92, but still strong. Maybe anakunywa ile maziwa ya Nyayo. I have no idea. Live long Mr Rt. President.

3.EMILIO MWAI KIBAKI (2003-2013)
Former president Mwai Kibaki became president and removed the monotonous KANU regime, his ruling party being NARC (National Alliance & Rainbow Coalition) then later PNU (Party of National Unity)
Known for his mafi ya kuku (slang) phrase, many Kenyans feel that Kibaki was the most hardworking of them all.
A lot of desirable things happened while he was in power. Not that those before him didn’t do desirable acts.
His few likeable things include;
– He came about with free primary and secondary school education. (Beneficial to many)
– Brought about the new constitution (2010).
– Improved the transport network. Thika superhighway is an example.
– Brought foreign investors to improve Kenyas growth & development.

Being a humorous leader, he was liked by many. At 85, Kibaki is still live and kicking.
Asanti sana Bw. Kibaki.

Being the son of the first president of Kenya, maybe he was taught ruling skills by his father while he was growing up. You never know.
He rose to power with his party being JAP (Jubilee Alliance Party).
Hon. Uhuru has however had development in Kenya lagging behind, as put by the opposition party (CORD). From being a suspect in the ICC in regard to the post election violence(2007-2008) to appointing ‘thieves’ in his cabinet. A lot has been happening since he came to power.

He is still trying his best to make sure Kenya will grow and develop to a much better country. Work on Mr. President. Kenyans have hope in you so don’t let them down. You are still young and promising.

With that said and done, we hope to have rulers with vigour as those who are and have already been in power.


The photo above shows the 4 presidents of Kenya together. Maybe it was to happen, destiny or fate they say, for the past half a century. Only God knows.

As we, Kenyans, forge ahead, let’s be vigilant when we are electing a leader to that high position. Of course no one wants to be in a country where there’s no hope and future ahead. Be cautious because it will or should affect you or your next generations.
Let’s live in peace, love and unity for a better tomorrow. I stand with Kenya.

By; THE Andy Maina


4 thoughts on “KENYAS ‘KINGS’

    1. Awesome blog but at the same time we should realize as much as we want to elect the ryt kind of leader we live in a money driven country and there’s nothing we can do to change that. Which means we will am always get the kind of leaders we deserve

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