Over and over, it may seem as though I’ve made the phrase “politics is a dirty game” a cliché. It’s no big deal given that in current Kenya, we inhale and exhale politics each and every day. Do I care? Yes. Because am a Kenyan citizen…nothing personal. Just over sighting what and how politics is carried out in this country.

As a Kenyan national, you have obviously heard of the terms Jubilee and CORD. They aren’t just any other terms because they are the two major political parties (in coalition) that have Kenya moving. It’s well known that these two parties have different opinions on almost everything that has to go on in the country. Well, that is true but ever wondered, are the political leaders involved in these parties really in ‘bad’ terms as seen in the political world? Yes and No. Let’s take a look at these pictorials and think about it.



In both pictures, there are both heads of the ruling and opposition parties (Jubilee and CORD respectively). Do they look as though they are having any bad time? Or is it all good time, or rather a cordial moment. That can’t be just a ‘one night stand’. Probably it is, but I highly doubt. Nobody knows what goes on there (wherever they dwell) apart from them.
If you don’t agree with me, maybe I’ll lead you to an example, might be mere but it’ll still apply.


In this pic, we see Hon. Joho ( Mombasa Governor County) and Hon. Mike Sonko (Senator Nairobi County). Well, a few days before this, they had a ‘fight’ say confrontations. But Sen. Mike Sonko posted this pic and captioned it… Sisi politicians ni wanafiki sana we are fighting in public but jioni tuko pamoja, we talk together. Wakenya wapendwa musikubali kupiganishwa tena na sisi. Pendaneni licha ya tofauti zenu za kisiasa. Siasa ni kama mawingu ya mvua yanapita ikinyesha so siasa itapita but Kenyans will remain where they are as brothers and sisters.
What about that? Then you’ll find Kenyans having political differences and taking them farther to become an issue of tribalism.
What is happening to us really? In any case, let’s use our minds to think about what entails to Kenyan politics. And why do we have to be personal to a point we can’t think about our neighbors’  well being?
Kenyans, take time to think. Please do.

Posted by Andy Maina



  1. very vivid from the pictorials…citizens should just stand firm individually and focus on developments from within to just table them to their leaders for execution…

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  2. this article is the bomb.
    we need more kenyans with such insightful articles to be an eye opener to those who base their argument on kenyan politics as a personal grugde affair. lets all live together under the nyayo philosophy of peace love and unity.

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