KENYA & IT’S ISSUES (episode 1)

Kenya, to most Kenyans is and has been the place to be. It is a lovely country let alone how exquisite the nature of it’s land is. It is crystal clear that a place or thing, no matter how good it is or seems, doesn’t lack a blemish. That’s always how it is. For example, look at the USA; the country is so rich that it can fully fund Kenya’s budget for more than a decade. But racism comes in as a major issue. Just but a mere example.
Anyway, about Kenya. It has suffered 3 major issues as from 1963, when independence was granted by the British. If I remember my history well, these 3 issues are; 1. Poverty 2. Ignorance 3. Diseases. With that said, maybe or can I just get into details for each of them?

Obviously, this doesn’t lack in all parts of the world. Even if the nation is 1st World or a super power.
In Kenya though, I think the poor are related to those who earn less than 1 US Dollar per day. The truth in this I don’t know, or rather am not sure. Nevertheless, the country as a whole is controlled by people referred to as “the who are who”. In layman’s language, the quoted text refers to those people with something; probably not just something but a lot of that “something”. It may sound vague but I don’t care, whatever your understanding is, all that matters is we are sailing on the same boat.
Since independence, anyone who knows the history of Kenya can bear me witness that all those that have served in ‘high places’ may not/don’t belong to the low class.
Employment has been an issue in regard to poverty in the country. People complain of lack of employment yet they can be self-employed with the skills or the papers. But on the other hand, most people lack capital to start businesses. The government allocates funds for the youths, and to kick start their innovative ideas but these funds don’t reach to the required people. Sagas and scums proceed the use of these allocated funds, but what happens when the issue (say theft) of the funds is brought about in a court of law or tribunal? Maybe you should refer to the 180M+ allocated to Youth Fund or 790M+ allocated to the National Youth Service and read more about this. In other words, the rich continue being rich and the poor continue being poor. *Mismanagement of Funds*.
Just to point out how poverty is and will continue being with Kenyans if something is not done and done fast.

This is and has been with us all as human beings. According to the Bible, in Genesis the 3rd Chapter we read about the fall of man. It all began with Eve’s ignorance to God’s word and giving in into the serpent’s lie.
In Kenya, especially when it comes to politics, many of the voters choose according to how the campaigns are conducted: if there’s ‘making it rain of money’ and empty promises (and can be clearly seen), Kenyans go for that kind of leader. They come to complain later when the same people they put in power start doing the opposite. Yet they might have ignored that politician who would have moved them from a good position to a better one. (Rare one though).
Ignorance leads to regret. That is evident to most people, no matter the social class.

Cancer, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, STI’s etc, just to mention but a few, are among those diseases that are with us Kenyans and human beings as a whole.
There’s prevention for all but no cure for all.
In Kenya, not all health institutions have improved medical facilities that can be used to treat or look into a patient’s illness. Where present, the fee paid is not for all and sundry. The poor are left out and end up deteriorating in their health till the end result, death, if a harambee or sponsor doesn’t chip in. In other words, the rich survive even with the worst of diseases, just because money can allow them to. I can’t give an example but if you follow affairs regarding the country, you can prove me right or wrong.
Health workers too are ignorant to patients too. Sometimes they are rude, sometimes they neglect their duties. You’ll find them striking or boycotting over poor pay yet they have not been serious with their role in the medical sector. Patients end up lacking the required attention etc.
Negligence and ignorance; I wonder when they’ll come to an end in Kenya and wholely in the world.
If only the government can improve health facilities and their conditions, irrespective of the location or any other ‘excuse’.

Just but to point out major issues and examples for each. We all belong to one nation and according to the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, there’s a right to equality. Let this not only be proved by writing but with actions too. Kenya is not “there” yet, so the government as well as citizens should see to it that there’s positive progress.


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